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FMQs Every Week
  • First Minister’s Question Time has developed since the establishment of The Scottish Parliament. In its current form, every Thursday at noon, while Parliament is in session, the First Minister fields questions from the members. The leaders of the opposition parties are first to ask questions, with the number of questions reflecting their parties size in the chamber. There are also Supplementary Questions. Members ask to speak, and the Presiding Officer calls these throughout the session.

  • The Conveners Group is made up of the Conveners of all the Parliamentary Committees. It meets with the First Minister twice a year, and is chaired by either the Presiding Officer of a Deputy. The Conveners are able to question the First Minister, typically with longer and more in depth questions and answers.

  • More accurately; Government Draft Spending and Tax Plans. The Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work delivers his statement to the Parliament once a year, coinciding with the launch of the document. The statement is followed by responses from the Finance Spokespeople for the Opposition Parties, and a wider debate.

  • The First Minister delivers the Scottish Government's Programme for Government for the following year. This sets out the bills, and government's priorities for the coming year. It is followed by responses from the leaders of the Opposition Parties, and a wider debate.